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About us

Ferso Ismail was completing his freshman year as a business student at Fordham University in the Bronx when he first conceptualized the ultimate comfort-food-on-a-college-budget restaurant, Burger Lodge.

Having grown up in the Belmont area his entire life, a hub for some of the world’s best Italian food, Ismail recognized a niche for a different, yet equally important kind of comfort cuisine: burgers and fries.

With the support of his family, nineteen-year-old Ismail transformed this entrepreneurial dream into a reality in May 2016, a reality that quickly became a beloved and delicious neighborhood staple.

At Burger Lodge, all members of the Fordham and Bronx community can enjoy classic American comfort food with an international twist. The menu reflects the diversity of its community, offering Tex-mex treats, vegetarian dishes, twenty different types of burgers, and everything in between.
At E. 189th between Belmont and Cambreleng Ave., Burger Lodge serves fresh, familiar favorites for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night. From the moment you step through the doors, you feel like a part of the family, and with services like delivery and order customization, Burger Lodge is always willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate you.

After all, Burger Lodge is “The Home of the Fresh Homemade Burger Your Way.”